Even the most optimistic and happy-go-lucky among us may be feeling a little “winter blues” as the seasons change.

Winter is coming, the darker evenings are here and chunky knits have made their way to the front of the wardrobe again. Over the colder months, we are forced to stay indoors, and in closer contact with more people, which increases our risk of catching colds and infections. Viruses tend to thrive in cold temperatures, which can make them harder to fight off quickly if we aren’t taking care of ourselves over winter.  

But don’t despair! Cocooning yourself in our far infrared sauna blanket will boost your immune system in a multitude of ways. 

Keep warm and safe

Using far infrared light, the blanket heats the body from the inside out, without heating the air inside the blanket and around you. With no UV rays, it is completely safe to use with the heat reaching deeper into your muscles and fat, than a conventional sauna. Inducing 7 times more detox than a standard wet or dry sauna, the blanket also comes with a range of health benefits that can help keep you fighting fit through the cold months.

When we sweat, our bodies release toxins through our skin that can weaken our immune systems, such as heavy metals, urea and BPA - and boy, does this sauna blanket make you sweat. Through regular sessions, you can help your body to detox and sweat out the bad stuff that we come into contact with in our everyday lives.

Get stronger

If that wasn’t enough, when our body temperatures rise as much as it does using an infrared sauna blanket, our bodies go into a ‘fever state’ where we produce more white blood cells for our body - the good guys that help you fight off those infections when you get ill. This combined with the release of toxins helps us to build a healthier immune system that is stronger and more resilient to those nasty colds and bugs we often dread waking up with in winter.

Restful nights

With the longer, colder and darker nights here, it’s the perfect time of year to make the most of your sleep and rest - and infrared sauna blankets can help you do just that. Using it before bed can help you to have deeper, more restful nights as our body temperature drops back down afterwards, it puts your body and mind into a state that’s ready to sleep, helping you to drift off easily.

With saunas originating in Finland, where they are a common activity weekly, or daily in some cases, there is emerging evidence that shows saunas have many health benefits, beyond their use for enjoyment and relaxation. Research shows that using saunas can reduce the risk of vascular diseases such as high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease; as well as relieving conditions such as arthritis, headache, and flu.

Let’s not forget that having a good food diet, keeping physically active, managing stress and prioritising self-care are non-negotiable for maintaining a healthy and strong immune system, but if you want to take your health to the next level, incorporating regular infrared sauna sessions into your routine can be an incredible addition!