Discover our customised at-home infrared technologies with our infrared sauna blanket that has been designed with an extra-health focused benefits and an enhanced sense of cosy. The detoxifying and mood heightening experience (with an at-home convenience) uses radiant infrared heat to increase the body’s core temperature and boost blood circulation. From stress relief to muscle nourishment and skin rejuvenation, the benefits of this stimulating, yet deeply relaxing treatment are endless. 

According to Dr. Josh Axe, D.N.M., C.N.S., D.C. — the founder of Ancient Nutrition and, and author of the upcoming book "Keto Diet" — this all checks out."Infrared saunas (sometimes called far-infrared saunas or near-infrared saunas) are a type of sauna that uses heat and light, in the form of infrared light waves, to help 'detoxify' the body via sweat and to promote relaxation"

Who asked about the features? 

Expertly crafted with premium, non-toxic materials Our high-quality vegan leather is made with 100% polyurethane only with a smoother, even grain which makes it easier to clean.

By incorporating a charcoal layer, we’ve amplified the detoxification process. Activated charcoal boosts your energy, brightens your skin, reduces bloating and increases the body’s detoxifying activities. As the detoxifying elements of charcoal mix with the detoxing benefits of infrared heat helping your body to doubly expel the toxins. Actually, make that an all-natural double detox!

A medical-grade magnetic strip promotes healthy blood circulation. A static magnetic with a frequency of 0Hz field is utilised to improve blood circulation without magnetic components. Magnetising the experience just enhances this process, reeving up healthier, more oxygen-rich circulation. In addition to blood flow, magnets are utilised in wellness for cellular alignment, stimulated nerve activity and control of body acidity levels.

Our blankets are certified low EMF with 0.3 μT to 1.5 μT. Enjoy the relaxing, stimulating effects of healthy infrared heat at its full potential. In today’s hyper-tech world, it’s more important than ever to provide your body with regular detoxification and reduce our exposure to electromagnetic frequencies as much as possible.

Design details. A wider, efficiently placed Velcro strap ensures secure fastening with ease. Each blanket comes with a small, easily accessible controller—equipped with a built-in safety feature that shuts off after one hour.


The Infrared Sauna Blankets are available now for purchase, here.