Melt away muscle aches with heat therapy

Everyone’s muscles need a little bit of attention once in a while; especially if you’ve been trying out a new exercise regime, or working on building that much needed stamina for that summer marathon that you have approaching.

Sometimes a simple cool-down doesn’t do much for the aching pains you get in your muscles the day after an intense workout session. You feel lethargic, and even a little disheartened, to do the next session, knowing that your muscles will be unbearably tense and sore for longer. Continuing your workout routine with sore muscles can feel like another obstacle to overcome, even though the soreness will subside once your muscles have been stretched and warmed up properly.

But don’t panic - we’ve got the perfect solution for you. It’s becoming more known that infrared sauna blankets help ease muscle inflammation through the use of heat therapy. There’s been some research conducted into what benefits infrared saunas actually have, with a study connecting the link between infrared sauna sessions after heavy endurance exercises and muscle healing.

How does a sauna blanket help with muscle recovery?

By heating you from the inside-out (don’t worry, it’s all safe!), you’ll soon start to forget that those aches and pains ever existed as you continue on your journey of physical activity with healthy muscles. The heat opens your blood vessels and allows for an increase of blood flow, allowing the oxygen that is being carried by your red blood cells to help your muscles start to recover.

Cocooning yourself in a sauna blanket welcomes the infrared rays to heat your body thoroughly. Wrapping up for anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour means that your blood flow will start to increase and will help to repair any torn muscles or tissue that you may have gotten from doing one-too many pushups.

By using infrared technology that mirrors the effects of the sun, our sauna blanket uses the rays to penetrate the body, through skin and fat cells, and heats you up from within. This allows your blood vessels to dilate, increase your blood flow and aid your sore muscles in relaxing - all from the comfort of your own home!

Taking care of your body after doing strenuous physical activities is vital for adopting a healthy exercise routine. You should keep your muscles and ligaments in good shape, with proper care given to your body for full recovery. Infrared sauna blankets can be the perfect recovery tool, whilst also helping you to release toxins, enjoy higher endorphins and even burn more calories! Need some more information? Take a look at our FAQs or use our live chat to reach out to us!