Turn up the heat with Spotify

Most people dream of being able to listen to their favourite songs when in the sauna but the inability of any technology to survive the heat makes it an impossible dream. However, with sauna blankets, the impossible dream becomes a reality with the body getting the much needed heat while the ears and hands are free to listen and shuffle between music.

Having the right music for the right mood is also very important; playing the right music can go a long way to improving health and wellbeing. Sometimes finding just the right playlist or songs to help heal after an intense workout session is impossible due to the volume of songs and artists out there.

That’s where we’ve got you covered! SMOMAR has curated playlists with calming songs to help the mind and body recover faster. The playlists present a unique opportunity to enjoy calming music while actively using our infrared sauna blanket, helping to improve muscle, skin and mental wellness.       

Spotify and SMOMAR's link-up!

With SMOMAR creating a playlist on Spotify, it gives our community an opportunity to fully experience a holistic wellness experience with the sauna blanket heating you from the inside-out (don’t worry, it’s all safe!) while the music calms your mind and muscles. With research showing that music can help prolong workout sessions, making muscle pains feel numb to the mind and body, this playlist can serve as a great way to make your sauna detox programme last longer. So while staying in the SMOMAR blanket you can easily drift away listening to the Spotify playlist due to the calming effects of the tunes carefully selected to make the experience as effective as possible for the consumer.

The Spotify playlist is broken down into three; the first is meditation sounds for the slow music lovers who are ready to channel their inner chakra and this can be enjoyed with or without the sauna blanket Secondly the light piano and guitar sounds for the acoustic lovers to get lost in the notes and lastly relaxing low fi beats which have just the right amount of base sounds to keep the heart racing yet still relaxing the muscles and the mind.

As you continue on your journey to rest and recovery for both your body and mind, this experience helps you forget about those aches and pains. The heat dilates your blood vessels and increases blood flow, allowing the oxygen carried by your red blood cells to help your muscles begin to recover.

It is critical to take care of your body after engaging in strenuous physical activities if you want to maintain a healthy exercise routine. You should keep your muscles and ligaments in good shape and provide proper care to your body in order to fully recover. Infrared sauna blankets can be the perfect recovery tool, whilst also helping you to release toxins. Using the blanket while listening to our curated Spotify playlists not only helps enhance the experience but it also helps motivate you to reach your body goals faster, so that you can enjoy higher endorphins and burn more calories! Want to learn more about technology? Take a look at our FAQs or use our live chat to reach out to us!