So, now you’ve got a SMOMAR Infrared Sauna Blanket and you're ready to GET DOSED NATURALLY. 

A lot of our customers ask us when the best time to use the infrared blanket is, or how it works with a wellness routine or a travelling nomad life. We thought the best way to answer this question would be by letting one of our first customers walk you through a day in her life with the SMOMAR blanket.

Meet Odette!

Odette is one of the co-founders here at SMOMAR, she is a businesswoman, a Textile Designer and Lecturer. 

We’ll let Odette take it from here…

What does a good day look like for you?

No matter what’s on the agenda, the aspirational perfect day is: mindful, being productive and full of amusement. On my highest days, I'm using the hours as opportunities, by taking positive actions, performing at my best—coupled with learning and laughing along the way (because even the perfect day has nothing to do with perfection).

What does a morning using the SMOMAR Blanket look like?

For the past few years, my morning routine has always been centred around meditation and movement. Some light stretches and stillness of the mind work wonders!

I use the blanket 3 to 4 times per week, especially during the midweek where I tried to incorporate it in my daily morning routine for a quick ON THE GO. I warm it up for 5mins and have a 15min sauna session.

The great thing about the infrared sauna blanket is the fact that I can get DOSED, feel energised and rejuvenated while meditating and still soak up on the full length of infrared benefits. 

The feeling that I get after jumping out of the blanket is better than a hit of caffeine. I describe it as warming and natural high revitalisation. It’s honestly the perfect way for me to start the day.

Do you ever use the blanket during the day?

Rarely! My schedule is very hectic throughout weekdays and I prefer to use it either for a morning bump or a slow relaxing session in the evening that puts me in a state of calm to get ready for a great nights sleep. 

How do you use it before sleeping?

At night I'm looking more for a relief from my day. I want to feel the embrace of the earth and a calming stability to reset and rest well. I burn some incense or light a scented candle while listening to some music and taking deep meaningful breaths.