We created Smomar to help people thrive and live their healthiest lives. Our mission is to evolve wellness into a positive, personalised movement focused on physical, emotional and mental health with the goal of improving the human experience. How do we do that? In this article, we’ll explain the Smomar Infrared Blanket Difference: the factors that elevate Smomar above other infrared blanket brands and make our device worth your time and investment.

One of those factors is that we listen to our customers: we’re always looking for ways to make your light therapy sauna experience better by building upon your feedback. We seek to help you answer the question - ‘what wellness products, practices and philosophies are right and best for me?’ and guide you to discover ‘what is good and/or what is right to help me manage and evolve my own overall health and wellness?’

We believe our products should deliver superior results, and also deliver the best customer experience possible.
Here’s what makes Smomar different from every other infrared blanket brand: 

Far Infrared Light Therapy That’s Designed and Engineered for You 

Since we founded Smomar, we’ve been designing and engineering light therapy sauna blanket to optimise human health. To do that, we think light therapy needs to fit into your lifestyle. We want the Smomar device with its healthy infrared light to be accessible for anyone and everyone, from the comfort of your home.

Since our first line of infrared sauna blankets, (we’re on our 2nd generation now), we have been focused on creating the most comfortable and beneficial light therapy sauna sessions. Our sleek design was created in London to optimise in-home treatments, with powerful, body exposure as the ultimate goal. To keep improving, we’re always researching better ways to deliver infrared light, by listening to our customers. Our second generation of Smomar device incorporates user feedback, it has been re-engineered from the inside and out so the fabric is lighter, the temperature generated is greater, and the EMF field is improved. No other blanket can compare. See comparison below: 

Infrared sauna blanket_Infrared light therapy

Smomar Takes an Accountable approach

We believe all actions matter when it comes to implementing mental, physical and emotional wellness. Our approach is steeped in accountability and we stand by the quality of our devices.

The components that make up our devices contain a 3rd party verification, which ensures their safety and longevity under normal wear and tear. This quality control comes from Anbotek Laboratories, a safety compliance global organisation that sets the standard for new products. 

Unfortunately, many other Infrared blanket companies don’t share our belief in transparency and honesty. Too many brands provide misleading data or simply don’t understand how to explain their device in the context of industry standards. Marketing claims are no substitute for quality products. At Smomar, we understand that you define yourself by your wellness products’ choice and preference. Therefore, we are seeking to help those overwhelmed by the sheer number of daily decisions or those searching for answers that are unique to their personal experience. We put in the work to make the best devices, and we’re always ready to show you how it’s done. That is why we require verification of all parts and manufacturing processes by independent third-party suppliers and labs. You shouldn’t settle for anything less with your health product.

Smomar Devices Pass Strict Certification Requirements

The current generation of Smomar Infrared sauna blanket (On sale since 1st of February 2021) has been designed and built following Medical Devices standards. All Smomar devices are independently certified and conform to technical standards put forth by the International Electrotechnical Commission (UL STD IEC 60601-1 specifically).

Infrared sauna blanket_Infrared light therapy

Smomar Insists on Quality Assurance 

Smomar complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) under ISO 13485, which is an internationally recognised standard for organisations involved in the medical device industry. Each Smomar device is independently verified and validated before final packaging to meet light output requirements and safety standards. 

Smomar committed to helping consumers live wiser, longer and healthier

Smomar was born from a burning desire to evolve wellness into a positive, personalised movement focused on physical, emotional and mental health with the goal of improving the human experience. We started by designing an infrared light therapy device for our families and friends, and now have grown by bringing the same commitment to our customers.

Smomar champions quality and evidence-based solutions for users’ long-term health and wellness. The goal is to help end the frustration among wellness-seekers who commit to difficult lifestyle changes in the often-times false hope that it will lead to weight loss or feeling better when, in fact, those drastic changes may be completely wrong for their minds and bodies.

Educating the Public About Light

Smomar is committed to educating consumers about light and natural health. Wavelengths of light are complex, and their effects on human cellular function require an explanation about human biology. We think it’s important to explain the science behind far infrared light therapy and demystify the process. Smomar prioritises education and learning more than any other infrared blanket brand.

Conclusion: Smomar Makes Quality Infrared Light Therapy Blanket for You

Smomar’s ultimate goal is to help you reclaim and improve your wellness through the use of world-class wellness products. We do this by researching, listening, and learning.

If you’ve been a customer, thank you for your trust. If you’re considering Smomar, we’re here to help make your infrared light therapy experience being a great one.

If you have questions, you can always feel free to email us at We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you reclaim your wellness!