About us

Who we are

We're a passionate team dedicated to your health and wellness and who are building products that help better people's lives. We believe you're more likely to reach your goals if you're encouraged to embrace mental, physical and emotional wellness and if you feel empowered along the way.

Where it all started

2020 saw a lot of changes in our lives, but it was also the spark that made our founders, Franck and Odette, realise they wanted to materialise their vision of wellness. They embarked on a journey to make light therapy accessible to anyone, turning it from a rare, episodic and luxury concept into a daily, essential and dominant lifestyle benefit.

Our mission

SMOMAR uses light therapy and technology to evolve wellness into a positive, personalised movement focused on physical, emotional and mental health. We want to empower people to be the best version of themselves anywhere, anytime.


“I have always considered myself a free spirit that likes to experience life and new discoveries to the fullest. But it was when I met my partner that I realised that my calling was much bigger than myself…”

Be part of the journey

In a world where wellness is permeating consciousness, we are all in need of personalised solutions about wellness products, healthy eating, reducing stress or incorporating movement into daily life. That’s why we’ve created a community for everyone who seeks to find the help of like-minded individuals.

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