Our Story

In a world where wellness is permeating the global consumer consciousness, we’re all increasingly needing personalised answers and solutions— be it wellness purchases, healthy eating, mental wellness, reducing stress, incorporating movement into daily life, environmental consciousness, or a yearning for connection and happiness. Additionally, diet confusion, new tech and the “power of me” is propelling personalised nutrition into mainstream. And that profound shift is driving powerful growth.

One brand that understands just how much consumers need a personal focus on living longer and healthier is Smomar, a disruptive natural wellness platform, philosophy and corresponding products based on the key dimensions of wellness, that, when adopted consistently as a lifestyle, support the recovery and maintenance of optimal human health, fitness, mindfulness and happiness.

Smomar aims to fundamentally shift in the way the world thinks about human wellness. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to wellness and Smomar’s brand offering is highly individual whilst defying the traditional approach to health and wellbeing. Smomar seeks to answer the question - ‘what wellness practices are right and best for me?’ and match it to solutions that empower individuals to manage their own overall health and wellness.

Smomar Wellness’ first offering is a revolutionary infrared sauna blanket that delivers heat that penetrates deeper than conventional sauna heat, reaching right into the muscles and the fat. The result is a heated detox as well as a fast track to mindfulness. You can’t help but relax and focus; it puts you into the concentration space much more easily by making you more aware of your body.

Other benefits of Smomar’s infra red sauna blanket include promoting blood flow and sleep, boosting collagen, burning calories, rejuvenating the skin, stimulating happy chemicals and reducing inflammation as well a boosting immune health. You also burn calories because weight loss happens when your body temperature is raised. Added bonuses include stress relief by reducing the circulation of cortisol, the stress hormone.

Smomar Wellness is your partner in evolving and delivering powerful, personalised, caring and effective wellness, helping to increase your motivation and ambition to live a more purposeful life with a greater sense of control over your life experience.